The more you allow yourself to love, the more the Universe can love you back. Like attracts like. When you hold the emotion of love, you vibrate at a frequency that will allow the universe to manifest more love in your experience.

Love without expectation of receiving love back. Love just to love. That way, if the love is not reciprocated, you won't feel a lack of love, you won't fee less than, and you won't feel needy.

Allow yourself to be loved. Know that you are worthy of love. Don't shut yourself off from love if it comes in forms that you didn't initially expect it to come in or that you didn't ask for it to come in.

Be greatful for the love. If the person sending you love has ulterior motives for doing so, do not focus or worry about those ulterior motives. Simply make sure that you are protected from those who may give you love for non-obvious reasons.

If someone takes advantage of your love, it does not mean that you should not have given love. It simply means that you need to be more wise about how you give your love, and who you give your love to, as well as being aware of what reasons you are giving your love.

If you do not have expectations when you are giving your love, then others cannot take advantage of your love. I know that sounds odd, but please meditate on that and truly think about it because it definitely makes sense and took me years to finally realize that beautiful piece of wisdom.

It is okay to keep your love to yourself or to take your love back from those who may not be reciprocating it, if giving the love is draining you of precious Star Power Energy.

It does not mean that you are a bad person if you draw your love back into yourself. However, do not hoard your love when you know that you have extra love to give. The reason for this is because if you hoard your love when it isn't necessary, you can sometimes stagnate your growth as well as stagnate the flow of your Star Power Energy.

Get in the habit of being greatful and thankful of everything because it will help you to attract more universal love and help keep you in tune with your star and Universal Powers.

Practice giving love to everything by telling things that you love them from your heart, soul, and mind energy - things like your food, plants, animals, and the things that you use day to day that make your life better, make your family better, make your friends and job better, etc.

I Love You All,

See you Soon!

~ Rachel Photon

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