When you allow yourself to rest and take time out for you, you can restore the essential energies that you need to continue acting on your goals and dreams, without experiencing burn out.

This resting period can be used to reflect on things that have worked or that have not worked in your life, along your journey, and in general. Meditation is a great way to reflect on these things, and to connect with the Akashic Records to find answers to your deepest ponderings, and to connect with your inner Light God Source.

Taking advantage of resting periods can allow you to re-center and regroup your focus to make sure that you are on the right track when it comes to achieving your goals, dreams, and plans.

This restoration period allows you to create a new plan if needed. A very beneficial way to replenish your star power is by spending time with other stars, like the Sun or by spending time Moon Gazing.

When you spend adequate amounts of time out in the Sun and in communication with the Sun through mental meditation and through having a personal relationship with the Sun, you will be able to get access to spiritual downloads that can lead you closer to achieving your goals and dreams.

You will also be able to gain valuable energy resources as well as important nutrients that are hard to receive from other sources. This energy will allow you to take action for long periods of time without rest, it will allow you to be able to focus for long periods of time, and it will allow you to have stronger mental powers and stronger magnetic attraction powers.

The Sun also can replenish your Soul Life Force Energy which is needed to keep your body in optimal health! Spending time with the Moon and Moon Gazing can do the same thing that meditating in the Sun and having a relationship with the Sun can do.

Moon Gazing is a great way to work on your shadow self and to program your Sub-Conscious Mind. Spending time with the Moon and Gazing at the Moon for long periods of time of at least 10 minutes or more, can activate light codes in your DNA.

It can also allow you to gain access to valuable information, powerful cleansing energies, rejuvenating/healing energies, and can reconnect you with God Light Source Star Power energies!

This resting period will be able to help you to create a new plan if you need one. it can give you time to give yourself extra self-love, self-appreciation by celebrating small victories and allowing yourself time to simply have fun doing things just because they make you happy.

Use your restoration periods to reconnect with and to give thanks to Nature, GOD, your Angels, as well as your Ancestors.

Make restoration a ritual for yourself because restoration is just as important as taking action to achieve your goals and dreams.

However, be careful not to abuse your restoration process. It is okay to rest and retreat when needed but try not to slip back into a life where you are being stagnant and not going after your goals and dreams!

Love you all!

See you soon!

~ Rachel Photon

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