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A lot of people need to understand that Jesus is not going to drop down from the sky and miraculously save everyone just because they are a Christian.

GOD does not just respond to prayers. GOD needs to see that your actions are in tune with your prayers.

Prayers that are effective are not spoken through begging or hope. Prayers that are effective are spoken through a confirmation and a knowing. A knowing that whatever one wishes to manifest, is possible and has manifested, and a confirmation that one knows this is true through extreme faith. Extreme faith is demonstrating through a definite knowing that does not waver.

Prayers do not work without action because GOD knows what we want it to manifest for us, not just by prayers, but by action. Extreme unwavering faith is a form of action. One can demonstrate extreme unwavering faith by acting as though what they want to happen, has already happened. In example, if one wants a balanced and happy home, one cannot just pray and beg for a happy and balanced home.

One has to demonstrate or act out what a balanced and happy home feels like and looks like to themselves. One way of doing this is by starting off a prayer saying, "I have a happy and balanced home" and then thanking GOD or the universe for delivering to you a happy and balanced home.

Then, after that affirmation also known as a proper prayer, one must start exhibiting acts that align with acts that represent a balanced and happy home. For instance, one must clean up the home and rearrange things in a way that makes one happy or feels balanced.

Or, one can play music that makes the home feel happy and balanced or one can decorate the home in a way that feels happy and balanced. One can throw things away that are making the home unbalanced or feel unhappy.

Once one prays properly, and then consistently puts in actions to demonstrate what these prayers may feel or look like in reality, the universe or GOD will continuously deliver to you or manifest realities that will keep giving you a happy and balanced home.

Whether that be GOD giving you the energy needed to fulfill those actions easily that give you the happy and balanced home, or maybe it could be GOD giving you insight into further things that can help easily make the home happy and balanced, etc.

This works for anything in life. Therefore, simply praying to Jesus and waiting for Jesus to do the work for you, is not enough. One must show Jesus what one needs help with by starting the actions themselves and praying the proper prayers. So, in example, one should not hope and pray that Jesus will take COVID 19 away or hope that Jesus will protect you from it.

One should pray a proper prayer, knowing that it cannot and will not harm you and that it will go away on a mass scale, and then start doing actions that would align with that prayer, like spreading information that would help people to boost their immune systems so that they can fight off COVID 19 or protect themselves from being harmed by it.

One can listen to high vibrational music and create high vibrational music that creates and environment that viruses do not like to live in. One can spend more time in the sun and thank the sun for giving the body the nutrients it needs to stay protected, on and on and on.

I hope this helped you all and I know that you all will be protected and will be able to live a life that is not dominated by fear.

I Love You All,

See You Soon!

~ Rachel Photon

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