• They can help transmute EMF radiation that comes from cell phones, laptops, tablets, TV’s, microwaves and turn in into positive Orgone Vital Life Force Energy, according to their original inventor.


  • Orgonite can help to improve the quality of thoughts, memory, emotions, focus, creativity, energy, perspectives, socialization, endurance, performance, mood and more!


  • Orgonite can help to improve the flow of magnetic frequencies around you and within your body! The improved flow of magnetic frequencies is very beneficial on so many levels of reality!


  • Orgonite is visually and aesthetically pleasing to the senses and make beautiful, great, exciting additions to your home or environment.


  • Orgonite can help to transform negative energy into positive energy especially when it comes to the energies generated from emotions.


  • Orgonite can help to improve sleep cycles and have been known to help relieve stress any many situations.


  • Orgonite can help to accelerate different forms of healing.


  • Orgonite can help to align and recharge chakras as well as auras/auric fields.






Orgone is a type of energy. It has been known also by the names of Prana, Ether, Chi and Mana. Orgone was said to be discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich who is an Austrian psychologist and a Doctor of Medicine.


Dr. Wilhelm Reich theorized that there was a particle that is like photons that he considered to be important to the vital energy of the universe, the energy that sustains the flow of life. Reich came to this conclusion after doing a bunch of experiments that used airborne micro-organisms as the subjects.


Dr. Wilhelm Reich called that elementary particle of universal vital energy “Orgone”. Dr. Reich also claimed that Orgone Energy was located everywhere in all the universes and that he believed there were three different types of Orgone Energy. He named these three types of orgone energy: Positive Orgone Energy, Neutral Orgone Energy, and Deadly Orgone Energy.


Dr. Wilhelm Reich let it be known that he considered positive orgone energy to be the energy that can create life as well as it was able to help sustain the balance of the universes.


The deadly orgone energy he explained was the energy that is responsible for stagnant and blocked positive orgone energy, in his most humble opinion. Dr. Reich also theorized that in places where there were a lot of electromagnetic radiation floating around, one would be able to find stagnant and blocked energies in abundance.


With the research experiments that Wilhelm Reich performed, he started to believe that if one could find a way to stabilize and increase positive orgone energies in particular locations that housed deadly orgone energy, one would be able to heal, and or prevent basic and complicated medical conditions.


Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s research findings convinced many people of their power benefits and this then inspired a follower of his to recreate one of his inventions that was called the Orgone Accumulator.


Reich’s Orgone Accumulator worked off his orgone energy theories and was said to be very powerful at generating orgone energy that was positive as well as able to generate deadly orgone energy.


Reich’s follower put a new spin on the recreation of Reich’s invention that the follower made. The follower’s new creation was called “Orgonite” and the reason it was special is because it worked by transmuting negative deadly orgone energies into positive orgone energies, allegedly because of the way it was designed, which was slightly different than that of Reich’s original Orgone Accumulator invention.


Orgonite works by absorbing negative orgone energies and it transforms them into positive orgone energies, as claimed by the inventor. The negative orgone energies is said to be transformed when it passes through the layers of inorganic and organic materials that the orgonite is made of. The journey through the organic and inorganic matter and theorized to be expelled in a form of energy that is ionized, which is indicative of positive orgone energy.


A professional quality orgonite is made of metal shreds, resin, and many kinds of crystals, as well as other forms of organic matter like flowers, sand, incense, etc. It is well known that with the manufacturing of orgonite, it is best when the crystals and metal shavings are of various sizes and are not made up of poisonous materials.


There are many people who have benefited tremendously from the use of orgonite, including myself. I will let it be known however, that not all orgonite is equal, and some may even be dangerous when used incorrectly or when made incorrectly.


If you notice that the energies emanating from the orgonite are too powerful for you, you may benefit from putting them outside of your home or in an area in your home not directly next to you. Experiment with placing them in different areas until you feel that you found a location for them that best suit your needs and benefits.




    Made with the markets highest quality materials - a mixture of Copper, Natural Tree Sap Resin, Rainbow Moonstone Healing Crystal, SBB Coil and Clear Quartz Crystal.

    Size: Medium

    Width: 2.7 inches

    Height: 3.7 inches

    Length: 2.7 inches

    Pattern: Pyramid

    Color: White, Clear, Iridescent (rainbow - some may not be as iridescent as others)

    Material: Copper, Rainbow Moonstone, SBB Coil, Resin

    Finish Type: Hand Painted

    Manufacturer: Ever Vibes

    Ever Vibes Orgone Pyramid made up of 100% handcrafted in India with Love & Care. So, Due to Handmade it Slightly different as shown In the images.

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