PYRITE (3 PIECES NATURAL) - STARSEEDS SPIRITUAL PRODUCTS  FREE SHIPPING - SHIPPING TAKES 3-5 DAYS (ORDER IS PUT IN MAIL WITHIN 1 DAY AFTER ORDER IS PLACED) Package comes with: THREE Pieces of (Natural Unpolished Stones)  ENERGIES AND POWERS: "FOOL'S GOLD" Known for help with: powerful manifestations uplifting and ecstatic energies purifying the soul prosperity and abundance of blessings deep passion enhancing the third eye tremendously determination & strength commitment, dedication, persistence perseverance/overcoming obstacles connecting with god source/high vibrations and more...  WARNING:THIS PRODUCT OR ANY OF ITS PARTS ARE NOT TO BE EATEN OR GIVEN TO CHILDREN OR TO ANIMALS THAT MAY EAT THEM. THIS PRODUCT HAS A CHOKING HAZARD! DO NOT GIVE THIS PRODUCT TO CHILDREN. DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE WITH THIS PRODUCT. DO NOT LEAVE PEOPLE WHO HAVE A RISK OF CHOKING FROM THIS PRODUCT ALONE. AGAIN, THIS PRODUCT IS NOT MADE FOR CHILDREN OR ANIMALS. If you need help with your product, feel free to contact us through email Thank you so much for your contribution to helping to make the world spiritually great again!


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